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What is it?

It's a classic format of asking questions and letting the other person speak.
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Are you religious?

Define Religious. If religious is spending time with God's Word, praying, worshiping, and public profession and actions, then yes. Otherwise, no.

What talents do you have?

sewing, building things, creative

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Are you a physically affectionate person?


How does it work?


  • Create personal profile with picture and About Me intro paragraph
  • Populate profile Bio with as many of your responses to interesting questions as you'd like
  • Select particular questions to ask new contacts to get to know them better, into your questionnaire


  • Browse from Topics to popular Questions to participants' responses to them.
  • React to members responses and jump to their profiles when seeing words that touch you.
  • Create your own "Hot" question and let members share their responses.


  • Browse all or search members by keywords, ordering by proximity
  • Engage with like-minded participant via Connect... button, which opens their questionnaire for you to take
  • Send messages and react to participant's responses in a way which promotes new friendship

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